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Palm-tone® 4-1-5
For All Palms and Hibiscus

All Natural Plant Food with Bio-tone® Microbes

Available in 4 lb. bags;
1 pound equals approx. 3 cups

Palm-tone is the result of the Espoma Company's expertise in natural organics combined with recommendations from leading research universities. Palm-tone's all natural formula contains Bio-tone®, our proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural plant food to ensure superior plant growth.

New Plantings
Dig a hole twice as wide and the same depth as the root ball.
Remove 1/3 of the soil and replace it with compost, peat moos or a good planting mix.
Mix 1 cup of Espoma Palm-tone into the amended soil.
Set the root ball in the hole and backfill with the amended soil.
After settling, the soil level next to the trunk should be at the same level at which the tree grew in the nursery field or container.
Water thoroughly after planting. Check soil moisture regularly and water as needed.
Feeding Established Palms
Feed palm trees 4 times per year at three month intervals.
Calculate the area beneath the branches of the tree and feed at a rate of 3 lbs. per 100 sq.ft. of area (1 cup per 10 sq.ft.)
Sprinkle the plant food evenly around the outer edge of the branches of the tree and mix into the soil.
Feeding Established Hibiscus
Feed hibiscus 4 times per year: early spring, late spring, mid-summer, & late fall.
Follow rates in the chart below and sprinkle the plant food under the outer edges of the branches. Mix into the soil and keep the plant food at least 6" from the trunk.
Water thoroughly after each application.
Tree Height
Amount (lbs.)
Amount (cups)
Very Small
1/4 lb.
3/4 cup
1/2 lb.
1 1/2 cups
1 lb.
3 cups
1 1/2lb.
4 1/2 cups

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